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OGAAT Terms and Condition

I agree that I meet all requirements of OGAAT / Pageant Studio Africa. As a Lady contestant, I have never been married or given birth to a child and I will be between the ages of 18 and 23 on or before April 30th, 2019.
• I am of good health and moral character, I have no Piercing or Tattoos. I agree that I am not under contract with any person, firm or corporation nor have I made any legal obligations that would prevent my appearance or participation at the international or state Pageantry.
• I agree to participate in all scheduled activities / Tasks for the Contest dates and cooperate with pageant staff and assigned chaperones.
• I will not consume alcoholic beverages (over the age of 21), or publicly smoke while in sash/Crown during the course of the Empowerment. Use of illegal drugs is prohibited.
• The Pageant Studio Africa, its officers, directors, staff, and sponsors are not responsible for personal injury to anyone or damages during the pageant/ Empowerment.
• I understand that if I am selected as an at-large contestant, my entry fee will be my own responsibility.
• I agree that the time, manner and method of judging shall be solely within the discretion of the state or International pageant directors / Pageant Studio Africa and the decision of the judges will be final. Contestants will be scored from 10 to 100 , 100 being highest Score, in each area of competition. In case of a tie for the winner, the judges will be given names of the top 3 Contestants, and ask to place them in the OGAAT Diamond, OGAAT Gold, OGAAT Bronze. Each of the 3 finalists is given points OGAAT Diamond 20, OGAAT Gold 15, OGAAT Bronze 10 point. This is then added to the already total score for the pageant. In case this does not break the tie, the head judge will break the tie. 3 Judges are the Minimum requirement at each pageant. Contestants will be Scored from day One of the Contest as they complete tasks given.
• I permit my photograph, Videos, voice recording, and name to be used by Pageant Studio Africa without charge for publicity and commercial purposes. I understand that I may appear on television.
• I understand that if I am selected the Winner of any Category that I may be called on to do appearances for state or international sponsors that are now in effect or
that become in effect during my reign for no compensation, but will not be made to appear if too far from home to travel. I further understand that I will be called on to do appearances to promote the Pageant Studio Africa.
• I agree that if I become the winner of any category, that during my term, my professional affairs will be under the sole management of the state director and the Pageant Studio Africa.
• I acknowledge ownership by the Pageant Studio Africa and that I will not jeopardize such property rights in any manner.
• I understand that as a One Girl At A Time Queen titleholder, including area, city, state, county, and International; misrepresentation of my title, in any way, shape or form is considered fraud and is grounds for immediate disqualification
• and termination of the contract without compensation. In this event, all prizes, including crown and banner when applicable, will be returned in the condition it was received at the expense of the titleholder.
• Failure of the winners to comply with the terms, restrictions, provisions, or obligations thereof, shall at the sole opinion of the Pageant Studio Africa, result in the disqualification, loss of titled Empowerment and the contestant’s resignation. In such case, OGAAT will be awarded the crown, banner and all prizes, in the same condition in which it was received.
• I understand the winning contestant whose title is relinquished or disqualified will be responsible for any court costs and attorney fees that the pageant director of Pageant Studio Africa may accrue for legal action for the return of said prizes and the property of OGAAT Empowerment.
• I understand that I may withdraw from the competition at any time. I understand that I will not for any reason or under no circumstances be entitled to any refund, whether whole or in part of my sponsor.
• OGAAT Diamond Winners will not be able to recompete for the same title. But other categories can recompete if they are eligible to another higher division after the year of contract.
By Clicking Yes, it is confirmed that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions of the OGAAT contest.